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The Lyme Museum is a small independent online museum with touring exhibitions, exploring, sharing and amplifying the voices of individuals with invisible illnesses and disabilities.

The Lyme Museum explores the intersection of arts, humanities and medical sciences and challenges museum and societal representations of the chronically ill.

We want to be a catalyst for positive change and to enhance the voices of those who live with invisible and chronic illnesses and disabilities. We want to question the role of museums and society at large in the representation and inclusion of individuals living with invisible illnesses and disabilities.

We gather testimonies, objects and portraiture from the vibrant international community of those living with invisible illnesses and disabilities, as well as those who support, champion, encourage, stand up for, sponsor, promote and heal the community.


Angela Stienne



Angela Stienne is the founder of The Lyme Museum. She is a museum researcher (PhD) and storyteller from Paris, with over ten years of experience in the cultural sector in the United Kingdom. She works at the intersection of medical humanities, museum studies and science communication, with a track record in leading engagement on complex issues related to bioethics and the human body. Angela has worked extensively on storytelling, building projects around collections of displaced human remains, giving a voice to refugees and asylum seekers and exploring alternative narratives around museum objects and people. She has chronic Lyme disease and hypermobility syndrome.