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The Lyme Museum is an independent museum with an education hub, a digital platform, a physical collection and an international community, hosted at the Documentary Media Centre in Leicester (UK). We are the first museum dedicated to exploring the lived experiences of invisible illnesses and disabilities through materiality and storytelling. We collect objects, stories, flat lays and artworks with one aim: making the invisible visible, one flat lay and one story at a time.

We are really, really interested in stuff! The everyday mundane objects that become part of our identity as chronically ill and/or disabled people. Those are not always the objects that museums display, and yet they are the ones that make the invisible visible.

In museums, we call this materiality, but really, it's stuff! And stuff is great! From mobility aids, to pills, to objects of comfort, there is so much to talk about, and that's why we are here. Changing the narrative on disability and chronic illness through objects and first-person narratives.

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