Welcome to The Materiality of Invisibility, the first exhibition of The Lyme Museum!

Enter this room to learn, think about and discuss invisible illnesses, museums, materiality and lived experience. Let's think together!

Come in!

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Visit our online exhibition of flat lays, images of objects sent by individuals around the world to represent their lived experience of invisible illnesses and disabilities.

Click on the images to make the invisible visible

Visit our exhibition.


Step in this room and discover artworks made and curated by chronically-ill and/or disabled people who use art as a medium to express their lived experience through materiality.

The art room is here!

And then the question marks… The questio

We hope you enjoyed your visit to this exhibition and we can't wait for the touring exhibitions, but before we leave, here are some resources. From great books to online articles and school resources, there is plenty to keep you thinking.

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