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part of The Materiality of Invisibility

The resource hub is full of links and videos to watch and great people to follow and articles to read to keep you interested and to keep learning. Come back regularly as we add more to it, and send us your recommendations!

In 2020, the London School of Economics run a project called Fading Rainbows. It looked at the historical and contemporary experiences of epidemic and how we remember it as a way to explore allow expression of children's experiences of the coronavirus. 


The project draws on a historical scrapbook in the LSE Library and recorded conversations with academics on peoples’ experiences of the pandemic from around the world. It is part of a project with a pilot school and the LSE Festival.

The Lyme Museum was included as a case study, with Dr Angela Stienne talking about the value of making flat lay to look at the every day objects that help us in our day to day lives, the experience of the pandemic as a chronically-ill person and what Lyme disease is. You can watch the interview below and access the resources here. The resources are especially valuable for children and can be downloaded for free. Thank you Dr Debbie Challis for the inclusion in this project. 

Watch the videos from the interview

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