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Welcome to room 3

The art exhibition

part of The Materiality of Invisibility

This is an open exhibition by artists who identify as and/or work on invisible illnesses and disabilities and explore their materiality.

And then the question marks… The questio


By Léna

My work is called Borrelia. Borrelia is the lyme disease bacterium that I have been carrying in my body for three years. I printed out the words corresponding to my daily symptoms of the disease becoming chronic using buffers that I engraved in linoleum(fatigue, hypersensitivity, confusion, pain).This garment is made of tea bag paper that I drank and glued together. 

This clothe is therefore the symbol of my resilience, of my body history and allows me to mark an effective transition in my life, like a butterfly moult. I performed it, putting it on a hanger, then on my shoulders and finally putting it on the ground. 

This work is important to me because chronic lyme disease is not recognized in France nor in many others. There is a lot of medical wandering and treatments are not supported .Talking about it through art allows me to advance my cause by also touching people not concerned.

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